Monday, 1 June 2009


Stumbled across this website and had to contribute! 

I hitchhiked from bath to paris with a mate of mine. it was fab. Few points:

1) most people that picked you up had hitchiked in the past

2) virtually everyone said that if it had been two males they wouldnt have picked us up but because we had one female and one male they felt it was safer.

3) one of the best places to hitch lifts is at petrol stations when people are filling up. mainly because they can stop/chat to you etc and it's more convenient to pick you up.

4)because our trip was all for charity we had massive charity t-shirts on so notsure how much that helped...

All in all it was a fab experience, so much fun! would recommend but just becareful and never go with anyone you're not comfortable with!



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