Thursday, 21 May 2009

HITCHIKING IS LIVE! Me and my friend hitchiked from manchester to london, mainly for the adventure and the jokes and it was one of my favourite days ever. genuinely such good fun. I think it was easier because we were two girls but we literally did some quick research on walked to an A road and set off. Along the way we met some diamond characters. lovely lovely people. it was so nice to meet people, and then get out of their car, unlikely to ever see them again. Everyone thinks it is dangerous but if you pick carefully and don't get fresh with the person driving you its just hilarious. It does take a long time (manchester to london is usually 4 hours, and it took us 10) and you do sometimes have to wait fairly long for lifts (do not get stuck in birmingham) but as long as you are clever with your signs you shouldn't have that many issues. Most lifts only took us 10 minutes to get. Everyone should hitchike somewhere.

Posted by ELAINE CHEW 



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