Wednesday, 6 May 2009

When stranded...hitchhiking is the way forward

Thankyou Holly Marjoram for the story!

"I'd never hitch hiked before, and was a bit apprehensive. I think there are two reasons many people don't hitch; a) because it's viewed as dangerous, and b) because it's kind of socially non-conformist to stand at the side of the road trying to flag down a car. However, when I was travelling I met people who hitch hiked all the time in Europe. So hitch hiking had been at the back of my mind for a while, but I hadn't had the bottle to do it yet.
I was on a coach back to London after visiting my family in Norfolk, and when we stopped for a break half way, went off for a cuppa, and missed the coach back, and was left stranded in some village off the side of a motorway on a Bank Holiday Monday, with no other buses or anything around. Strapped for cash too, I realised my only real option was to give hitch hiking a go. I'd read the 'Wiki How' on hitch hiking online, which had given me some good tips. So I pulled a blank page out of my notebook and scrawled 'LONDON' in big letters, then found a suitable spot on the side of the motorway. The cars were going so fast I thought no one would stop, but I got a lift after about 15min. Wiki How said often people who pick up hitch hikers just do it because they like the company and a chat. This seemed true of my driver. To be honest I did feel a bit nervous about the whole thing, wondering if I was being irresponsible and taking a risk, as I'm a small 24 year old female, and the driver was male, about 35/40, but thankfully it turned out to be fine and the driver dropped me off at Victoria coach station so I could pick up my bags I'd left on the coach."




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